Changing the Conversation

Welcome to my blog.

Marcy Syms Blog Photo

I was recently asked what my colleagues, friends and clients look to me for. In giving this some thought, I realized that I am often called upon for advice on direction and insight and asked to collaborate on creative approaches. I have always been willing to share my passion, listen, learn and regroup.

As for my leadership style, I am committed to honesty and fairness and am not afraid to “change the conversation” to steer a situation to a better course.

I have spent decades in family business writing about and speaking before professional groups on succession planning, corporate governance, risk management and women in business and on boards.

I wrote a column for Family Business Magazine for 6 years and am proud to announce that I will now be a spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Women’s Heart Health, for the New York Go Red campaign.

I will be addressing many topics in my forthcoming blog from multi-generational succession planning to giving back – philanthropy, advisory boards, academia and mentoring. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise in these areas with all of you.

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